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Industrial Plastic Pail Products

In view of the rapid changing business environment and product technological advancements, in year 2000 we ventured and further diversified into the world of plastic pail manufacturing and distribution to provide better services and a one stop product range for industrial packaging to fulfil our customer needs.

Our industrial plastic pail manufacturing plants are located in Malaysia. The group of companies and business partners in Malaysia now include Jebplus Sdn Bhd.

NuPail Advantages

With patented technology and ownership of industrial design rights, our NuPail product line has excellent leak protection enhanced by a triple-lock system.

This unique feature will assure a leak-proof pail, making our pails a reliable and ideal choice for various industrial applications.

Our NuPail industrial plastic pails come in various sizes and volumes to suit differing customer needs.

Triple-lock System

The 3 seal points of NuPail products create excellent leak protection.

No-rib Lid Design

Because the lids of NuPail products do not have ribs, tint/skinning traps will not be formed.

Equal Top-load Weight Distribution

Top-load weight are equally distributed to the pail wall thereby creating enhanced strength – especially for single-column stacking.

NuPail Product Line
Industrial Plastic Pails

Made from high-density polypropylene (PP) material

Plastic Pail, 1 Litre

Plastic Pail, 2 Litres

Plastic Pail, 5 Litres

Plastic Pail, 7 Litres

Plastic Pail, 10 Litres

Plastic Pail, 18 Litres & 20 Litres

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NuPail Product Features & Options

4-finger Grip

(For 18lt & 20lt sizes only)

  • To aid the easier opening of plastic pail lid.
  • Durable and rust-proof, galvanised metal handle with plastic grip for comfortable hold.
  • Option for full plastic handle is available.

Retractable Anti-gurgling Plastic Spout Closure

  • Allows smooth and rapid flow of liquid content through the spout.
  • Non-rusting.
  • Easily pulled out and retracted for stacking.

Tamper-proof Security Seal on the Lid

  • Provided for the entire range of industrial pail products.

1lt Pail Tear-off Security Seal

5lt & 7lt Pail Tear-off Security Seal

10lt Pail Tear-off Security Seal

18lt & 20lt Pail Tear-off Security Seal

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Plastic Pail Decoration:
Silkscreen & Heat Transfer Printing

Our printing processes include silk screen printing and heat transfer printing.